Savion Williams

School Uniforms

by Savion Williams

I believe that we should have a more equal and cooler dress code.

It’s weird because girls have two fingers and boys 4 for tank tops. I think they should maybe equal it out and have 3 finger for both.

I also want the dress code to be cooler by letting students wear hats and sunglasses more often. Maybe once a momithi have a cool day allowing students/teachers to wear sunglasses, hats, hoods, etc. But of course take the stuff off at the Pledge of Allegiance.

I think the idea of a uniform is great because you look nice to you and others, but how can you express yourself? It will save parents money because they don’t have to pay for new clothes every month, but I and others like to express themselves.

Uniforms have a less likely chance for kids to bully each other because they are wearing the same thing!

I think we should have a more cooler and equal dress code for our school