Oakley Dugans

Oakley Dugans

Grade 6

Acadia Christian

Mrs. Dugans

It is difficult to believe, but most students, when getting ready for the school day, are not thinking about what outfit can lead them and their friends down the path of academic success. Because of this, the results are many school days lacking in achievement. Research proves that school uniforms can shift a student’s focus onto school, and help prevent behavioral conflicts.

One way uniforms can rescue a school from conflict, is by eliminating any distraction caused by crazy clothing trends and making everyone look the same. Students who are less fortunate will not be looked down upon because they do not have the top-of-the-line-clothes. A filthy rich jock and a poor science geek will have the exact same outfits. In a 2010 survey by the National Center for Education, eighty — five percent of public schools reported that thefts, as well as other non-violent crimes, have been committed on their campuses, many of which were of designer clothing.

Another reason why schools should adopt a uniform policy is because uniforms can keep illegal objects from entering schools. In recent years especially, school safety has been under attack. Administrators and police are trying to do anything they can to prevent any school violence or illegal activity. Students who come to school wearing baggy pants and hoodie sweatshirts have many ways to hide drugs or weapons. Almost one in five U.S. teens smoke or use drugs while at school. Half of the students surveyed admit to knowing a classmate who sells drugs while at school according to the Christian Science Monitor. In a 2009 survey, seventeen percent of high school students reported that they carried a weapon at school in the past thirty days according to the National Center for Education. Uniforms will eliminate oversized pockets and clothing keeping unsafe objects out of the classrooms.

My final reason why schools should adopt a uniform policy is that dress codes alone will not cut it. Kids will wear clothes that break the dress code rules too easily. For example, some teenagers will wear pajama pants or lounge pants to school because they do not have tears or appear too baggy like the dress code prohibits but obviously are not appropriate for school. We students are great for finding the loop holes, and no matter how detailed a dress code is, it will have gray areas. With uniforms there is no gray area. It is obvious if a student is in violation of the dress code or not.

To me uniforms are the way to go. They will help kids be less focused on who is wearing what and will keep schools safer. Uniforms will help remind students that it is time to hit the books.