Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Grade 8

Orono Middle School

Mr. Gallant


What does a school bully do? How does a school bully act? What do his or her victims fee!? Now ask yourself the same questions about Paul LePage. You get veiy similar answers for both. In Orono, I haven’t been exposed to bullying much. I have a very good school. However, not everyone is so fortunate. Groups of adults insulted by Governor LePage are exposed to bullying more than anyone else. If you want to stop bullying, stop Paul LePage. This is because LePage is a bully.

Governor LePage is considered by many to be a big bully on the block. He has threatened to hit reporters. 1-le told people that they were stupid, and said President Obaina should go to hell. But worse than that are his comments on general groups of people whom lie has never met. Teachers and education, DHHS and the labor department, tax loopholes and the like, they are all crammed towards the back of evety one of his budgets, always receiving the worst cuts. It’s no secret that he thinks lowly of teachers. He broadcasts that to the entire world. And that is what makes him a bully.

A bully always goes after the same group of people, time after time. They often won’t have met nmny in a group, but still will go after the entire group. That is no different with LePage. Always criticizing Democrats, teachers, schools, the labor department, and everything else that doesn’t please him. Cutting funds for schools and for the poor. A bully often comes from instability; often the bully will go after anything familiar to that instability. LePage was dirt pool; and the services have been severely cut under his leadership; they remind him of being poor. A bully is usually not willing to listen to the ones they’re bullying; they think that the any idea from the victim is nonsense. LePage is the same way. Never willing to work with Democrats, or deal with the DHHS department or any other “bad” department or union. A bully usually states quite clearly that they don’t like their victim. LePage has broadcast to the whole world how lie feels with people who aren’t Republican. A victim’s feelings are often crushed after a bully puts them down. Imagine how a teacher or a labor department worker feels when called lazy, stupid, worthless, or the like. They would feel like the victim of bullying when called the same things.

So if you want to stop bullying, stop Paul LePage. LePage is everyone’s playground bully, just in the governor’s mansion. You take him out, and bullying decreases dramatically. Even in schools, bullying will go down without Paul LePage. This is because schools would have more money if LePage didn’t cut it all from their budget. They could put some towards stopping bullying.

So, to put it veiy briefly, to stop bullying, stop Paul LePage. LePage is the worst bully.