Maddie Huerth

Maddie Huerth

Grade 6

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

My opinion on the whole dress codes in Maine schools I really don’t like the idea. I don’t like the idea because I’ve heard bad this about kids not being able to express themselves. Kids aren’t able to express themselves mostly because of the clothing they have to wear. the clothing is plain and when the students want to jazz it up, they can’t because of the strictness at the schools. the teachers are also really strict about the whole clothing idea because they want the students to concentrate more.

Sometime, kids at school don’t like the itchiness of the uniforms. the uniforms can be itchy because of the kind of fabric that the company uses. I sometime have itchy clothes and I really don’t like it. I sometimes will see kids around in school uniforms and I think that if I ever had to wear a school uniform, it would be really uncomfortable for me. If I ever had to wear a skirt with tights I would go home crying because I would hate it so much. And when I see kids with no tights, I think of being cold, and I hate being cold, especially in the winter. Some kids have allergies to fabric and the schools will order the wrong types of fabric and make the kids get an allergic reaction.

Schools that have uniforms usually have the parents pay for the uniforms, and uniforms can cost a fortune. Parents need to buy more then just one outfit so it could all cost more than two hundred dollars. Kids can outgrow the uniforms so the parents will need to buy more every year. If the kids’ parents want their children to be happy, they would buy them clothes to wear outside of school which would make the parents pay more money. But if schools didn’t have school uniforms, the parents wouldn’t have to spend money on both uniforms and clothes for after school.

If schools made kids wear uniforms, the children might have a hard time growing up because kids from other schools might tease them about wearing uniforms when the kids from other schools that don’t wear uniforms. What would happen to the kids that get teased? Well, the teasing could get worse and lead to bullying. Bullying is probably the worst thing that can happen in school. teachers and parents try so hard to stop kids from bullying but it still doesn’t work. If the bullying got worse, the kids that get teased could get depressed and commit suicide.

My opinion about the school uniforms idea is that I’m not really loving the idea. I don’t really like it because kids need to be able to let themselves, well, be free. they need to be able to express themselves and be able to love what their wearing. If all schools in Maine have to have uniforms I would want to move out of the state. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t like the idea.