Kerigan Linnehan

Kerigan Linnehan

Grade 5

Acadia Christian

Mrs. Dugans

What adjustment to school policy sparked a magnificent ninety-one percent drop in school crime? According to the Department of Education the dramatic adjustment was the implementation of a school uniform policy. With these results it is hard to believe that school uniforms are a largely debated topic, but it is. I believe, as research has proven, that uniforms improve a school in many ways.

One reason schools should require uniforms is to prepare students for their future. Most companies require a dress code or a uniform, such as a doctor or a police officer. Imagine a doctor wearing pajamas getting ready to operate on someone. The person on the operating table would probably question if the doctor was qualified for this task. As students we also have a job to do. It is our responsibility to do our best in our studies.

Secondly, uniforms can affect a student’s attitude. Uniforms can stop kids from getting distracted from positive learning. In fact, ninety-five percent of teachers claim that uniforms do encourage positive behavior. Teenagers may say that pajamas are comfortable, but not taking pride in how they present themselves shows a hack of self-motivation. If a student cannot get up early enough, take a shower and put on clean clothes; they are not coming prepared to do their best.

Lastly, uniforms increase equality because everybody is wearing the same clothes. The children who can afford to shop at the more expensive, popular stores will be wearing the same clothes as the children who cannot afford to buy these clothes. Therefore, uniforms reduce bullying. In fact, changing to school uniforms decreased suspensions by ninety-one percent. Groups that have certain clothing styles, such as gangs, would have to dress appropriately hike everybody else. Everyone would look similar and not stand out over another.

School uniforms are a great policy for schools to implement. As former president Bill Clinton said in 1996, “And if it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms.” If more schools enforced school uniforms, it would better prepare our students to make the best of their education amid make them more responsible employees later on in the workforce.