Kara Gendreau

Kara Gendreau

Grade 5

Madawaska Elementary School

Mrs. Tingley

I personally think that there should be a dress code because there are clothes that show “too” much skin.  It is also too inappropriate for the little kids, such as pre-K to second grade.  In my school, we are not allowed to wear spaghetti-strapped shirts.  Shorts must not be any shorter than your fingertips with your arms at your side.  The same rule for shirts and dresses.

To respect others you have to respect yourself, which is attitude and appearance.  If you wear inappropriate clothes, you are not being a good role model to the little kids.  Your appearance depends on the world.  You can change the world by just the way you look.  That’s why a dress code will always show the students at their best and as one.

Dress codes also help stop bullying.  You are probably wondering how, but it isn’t always about the weight or how you look.  Some kids can’t afford to get new clothes for school.  During these economic times, a dress code prevents the appearance of rich or poor.  Making it harder to be made fun of if everyone is wearing the same outfit.

With a dress code students will get to know the person not judging on what they are wearing.  I have been bullied before, and it doesn’t feel good.  If there is a dress code, there would be less chances of someone getting bullied.  It would make school a better place.  What is the point of bullying now?