Joe Sheppard

Joe Sheppard

8th Grade

Orono Middle School

Mr. Gallant

There has been a lot of talk about bullying lately and cyberbullying lately. People are all for punishing the bully and making him look like the perpetrator. But don’t people always say that bullies are bullies because they have problems? Why has no one had the idea to have places for bullies to get help? If people can help kids who are at risk of bullying someone they might be able to curve the bullying streak.

People always talk about how bullies and people can change, are people honestly this dumb? Unless you get help you will always be a bully, just ask our governor. Oh, now thats a bully from way back. Paul LePage is a bully, just ask our schools systems. Now, LePage has had some traumatizing things happen to him. But still, he talks about how his dad was a bully. But telling the NAACP to kiss him where the sun don’t shine, or calling some men who want to make the state a better place “idiots.” Now, maybe the good ol’ boy in office has something against schools. Now, I think that he had horrible experiences at school. I think that something terrible happened to Paul in school. I think that Paul has a grudge against the school. Maybe at the school he went to the smart kids got treated better than the not smart kids, If this is true then he definitely did not get special treatment.

All right, maybe I’m being harsh. I’m just saying that we need to help the kids who could become bullies not be bullies. If this ever happens we need help from the government, and if the head of the state doesn’t want it to happen it won’t. Bullying is a huge problem, it needs to change. I just think that if the bully gets helped the victim gets help. People may not be realistic about bullying, they might say that we can end it. No, be realistic. Unless you can find a way to stop it before it happens you can stop it, if you can’t it won’t stop. I come from a school where there is basically no bullying, this is because we have talked about why bullying is bad. We also have strict bullying policies, I think that if the bully is punished nothing may happen. If a bully who’s family is not as rich as one kid, and the poor kid is the bully. This is a place where the bully should not be punished, the bully should get help about not feeling jealous. If we just punish the bully who needs help we are just being bullies ourselves. If we find kids who maybe have teased a kid once or twice or just said one really mean thing, the school should intervene and get help for the kids. We need to help to stop bullying, we can only do this with help from our government and teachers. We need to stop bullying.