Jamen Neptune

Jamen Neptune

6th Grade

Indian Island School


Should Schools Wear Uniforms

I don’t think schools should make people wear a uniform. Uniforms don’t let people express themselves. It stops bullying about clothes. Some parents don’t want to buy so many different clothes because of financial issues. It gives a feeling that everyone is the same. If the uniforms are uncomfortable kids probably couldn’t focus as well. If there is an emergency it will be hard for parents to identify their children. If you had physical education would you be able to change up or would you be hot sweaty all day. If their uniforms are to tight could they get different ones. Some kids like to go clothes/school shopping, but with a dress code it takes some of those privileges away. I would hate having to have to wear the same thing to school every day. Why are school uniforms required in schools anyway. What benefit do they bring to the school. Kids like to go on field trips but with uniforms they might go on less because they spend more money. Teachers could get the wrong person if they see someone from the back doing something wrong. Wouldn’t that make you mad if you got in detention for something you didn’t do.