Ellie Sockabasin

Ellie Sockabasin

Grade 6

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

Should schools have uniforms

I think schools should not have school uniforms because you would not be able to express yourself. I like to wear sweatpants almost everyday. Students would have to wear the same thing everyday. Students like to wear different things everyday so they can express themselves.

I think it should be up to our parents to choose if we have to wear uniforms. Parents might want to buy them clothes from a store that is having a sale instead of spending a lot of money on uniforms. Your parents would have to by different uniforms for activities and would have to buy a few of each uniform which would cost more. Students might not be able to wear the kind of sweatshirts they want or none at all. They might get depression from not being able to express themselves. The uniforms might be to tight and some people might not like tight shirts.

Uniforms might cause students to have a low self-esteem. It might make them feel like they are uncomfortable and may feel embarrassed. Sometimes the fabric could be itchy or they could be allergic to the kind of fabric. It would take away the enjoyment of putting something awesome on and making yourself look the way you like to look. For example kids might want to be popular and would have to wear the same thing as everybody else. Students could out grow there uniforms and parents would have to pay a lot more money. The parents might have enough money so the students will have to where small clothes. Small clothes will be uncomfortable, skin tight, and short. I would not like to wear a skirt, long fancy socks, and fancy shoes.

Some girls might be tom boys and not like to wear girly clothes. Girls might not feel good about themselves. For example not like to wear dresses, skirts, or any type of girly fancy clothes. It will make them feel worse if they had to wear skirts. Finally, I think it’s stupid to have the thought to have uniforms.