Cree Neptune-Bear

Cree Neptune-Bear Mr. Francis

6th Grade

Indian Island School

I don’t think we should have school uniforms.I think kids in middle school will lose the lack of expression will lead to depression. Some people might not even like the the uniforms. I think that should wait until high school.

The kids might start to feel like they have to do everything at school without a choice. It should be up to the parents to have to decide what their kids wear.

Uniforms in high school are okay because they are older and more mature. High schoolers need to prepare for the real world. High schoolers can express themselves in different ways then clothes. Some jobs you might have to dress up so school uniforms would be good for high school. It is cheaper for kids to get school uniforms. People also wouldn’t get bullied if bullies are wearing the same clothing. Kids will loose opportunities to make choices.

That’s why I think kids in middle school shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms.