Carly Freeman

Carly Freeman

Grade 9

Ellsworth High School

Mrs. Davis

Should technology be used in education? There are a number of positives amid negatives that come with allowing students the freedom to use technology. With everything being done on computers nowadays, students need to know how to use this technology, and they need to know how to use it responsibly.

It’s not only laptops that students have access to. Students use electronic devices such as the Kindle Fire, iPod touch, iPhone, Smart Phone, and the iPad. One disadvantage to having this technology available is that some students get fun apps and play them all class. They just pretend they are doing work. Teachers should check to make sure they really are doing their work and not playing around.

Other than students not always doing their work, the advantage of using technology is that it can help students learn. For example, if you’re on vacation and you don’t remember if you have homework or not, you can communicate with your teachers and double check. Instead of learning from textbooks, which doesn’t always work for everyone, students can learn through watching or hearing.

There are many advantages to technology: it’s engaging for students, and it can help students learn in different ways. For this tool to help students, teachers need to make sure it’s being used for learning, and not for play.