Briana Brown

Briana Brown

Grade 6

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

School Uniforms

I don’t think kids should have school uniforms because it takes away kids freedom of expression.

Kids like to express themselves through there own clothes, they can’t do that with school uniforms. Clothing is one way a person develops there creativity and individuality . Some people are allergic to cotton or other types of materials, then what would they do they can’t make one special one for just that kid then other kids might want the idea of that style on there uniform. If schools do change to uniforms you would end up buying multiple uniforms because you can’t wear the same one daily.

Would kids out grow there uniforms? would schools have different uniforms for summer, fall, winter? kids don’t know these answers because they have never experienced the uniforms before. kids won’t want uniforms if they don’t like there style of the uniforms. parents might not want uniforms for their kids either which might cause parents to have there kids transfer schools.

Would kids have different uniforms for the different seasons and other activities like gym, basketball, soccer, cross country? Would the school make a special type of uniforms for the kids who are allergic to cotton and other types of material? kids don’t want uniforms there dull and boring and there not comfortable in school uniforms, there comfortable in there own sense of style.

Although some kids get bullied about what they wear. Some kids should just ignore it because its there sense of style not there’s. And if some kids get hand-me-downs they could always personalize it to make it there own, Some times kids get bullied too much and some times if that happens they feel like they have to drop out of school or transfer. But i don’t think kids should were uniforms because its your sense of style people shouldn’t take that away.