Breanna Wilbur

Breanna Wilbur

Grade 5

Acadia Christian

Mrs. Dugans

In the U.S. 55% of people prefer school uniform polices over no standards of dress codes. This trend is catching on due to the many problems student dress create. Uniforms reduce many problems and help steer a school to a brighter future.

In schools that have uniforms, researchers have discovered good results. Students are ready to study seriously and perform well. Most students again good self confidence. They appear less distracted with their clothes or the clothes of their peers. They also feel less pressure to keep up with the latest trends or expensive clothes.

According to Paul C. Loesch who wrote “A school uniform Program that works” March 1995, most schools who have uniforms experience an increase in school pride. They look like a united group, feel like a united group, and behave like united group. Students enjoy belonging to the group and therefore attend more classes. They also are dedicated to and excited about participating in more school programs like sports and concerts.

Most of the schools report that uniforms reduce violence. According to 21 states surveyed, schools who require uniforms experience about a 90% drop In suspension rates. In schools with uniforms there have been fewer gangs and bulling according to the U.S. Department of Education. The children who get bullied have less stress in school and do not have to fear other students during school hours, allowing them to focus on academics.

Uniforms are more professional and help boost academic achievement, decrease bullying, and increases school pride. I believe over all it is a positive thing to have school uniforms and if it is a Christian school uniform it would help contribute to our school testimony.