Alaycia Young

School Uniforms

by Alaycia Young

I think that we should have school uniforms. Boys should wear khakis and a bulldog shirt. Girls should wear bulldog cheering shirtsand skirts. Then they pass them on to the next new grade. Like for 5th grade would have used 4th grade last year. Then on special occasions we can wear different colors. Then no one can make fun of anyone, cause we would all have the same outfit. The outfits would be boys wear khakis Tues amid a vest. The girls would wear a tank top and a white long sleeve shirt with a vest also. Girls would have to wear skirts and would have to not go outside. We would have an indoor playground so they can play. At our graduation, we would pass down our old clothes.

That’s my reasons why. Also so we would look like a good school. That’s why we shouldn’t have dress codes.