Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
Ms. Patterson
What I Have To Say About School Dress Code
I have to say that dress codes are very bad. Why wear uniforms to school? Some schools have school uniforms to improve grades, I guess that it does work but it’s kinda sad. School uniforms should not be required.My class and I read an article about this, and some of it said a California school is doing dress code for grades. Some people are poor and can’t afford to but
the outfit! People need money and they can buy more helpful stuff like blankets, food, drinks and other stuff that they need to survive. When you have a dress code you can’t show a new outfit that you bought.
Wearing a uniform means you also look like someone else. What about teachers? I mean don’t staff need to wear them too!? I think it’s not fair that staff don’t need to wear them too! I believe that if the school has a dress code, that they need to make everyone wear them, even staff! I believe that when a school has a dress code, you need to put your hair a certain way
which would mean you might have to cut your hair! No one can show who they are and express themselves anymore because of it.
I believe that school dress codes is BRUTLE. Dress codes are like viruses that love to take over the rules and changes and also the clothes choosing. For all of these reasons, I believe dress codes and uniforms should not be allowed in schools.

Alexandra Booker

Wagner Middle School, Winterport
Dress Codes and School Uniforms
School uniforms are something I don’t agree with. In the morning you
wake up look in your dresser or closet and you are excited to wear your
new shirt that you got yesterday for your birthday and you finish opening
the doors and BAM! All you have in you closet is your tan shirt and brown
pant. School uniforms restrict creativity.
Schools should focus on other problems like drugs and crimes. In my
opinion there are to many other problems. A school uniform will not help
these problems. If the school has problems they should not try to solve
them through uniforms. The uniforms will NOT help.
Uniforms take away the power to express ourself through our clothes.
So with out all the options school uniforms will become monotonous. I
mean imagine not have the opportunity to wear your favorite top or best
sweater. That would stink. People say uniforms help students stop
worrying about thier looks but it will make them even more because they
might not like the uniform.
It would be inappropriate to have uniforms. Uniforms take away students
freedom. There is no need to take away a child’s freedom. School uniform
are cruel and unfair.
I’m on a different side though when it come to dress codes. Dress
code should be taken more seriously. It is unpleasant to see skin that
should be covered. Too many students are wearing things that they
shouldn’t because of the dress codes but their not getting punished or
they don’t have to change their clothes to something more appropriate.
In conclusion, dress codes should be taken more seriously and we should not have uniforms. To make final, we SHOULD have dress code.

We SHOULDN’T have uniforms.

Keaton Tracy

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
I walk to my closet. Same thing. There are clothes there that I was going to
wear this fall but I can’t because of the uniforms . Those things are driving me crazy.
The bus is here, I should probably go.
“Ugh,” I moaned. “The same thing.”
People in gray striped suits everywhere, walking back and forth, sliding their
shoes like they were wrapped up in chains like slaves, moaning and groaning. It use to be so fun here, but since those things came in people have not been able to express how they feel. If they were tired they would wear comfy clothes, or if they felt active they would wear shorts and a “T” shirt or something.
I walked into my classroom. Normally people would be up running around
having fun, but today people are sitting in their seats doing nothing. The teacher Ms.Chase walked in with a smile on her face. Of course she’s not wearing a uniform which is unfair because if we have to teachers should too.
“Good morning class,” She said. The smile now disappeared. “You guys have to go to gym now, shoo!”
“Wait, how are we suppose to play in our uniforms?” Henry asked.
“How am I suppose to know? I’m not the gym teacher!” Ms.Chase snapped.
We all walked down the hall to the gym. When we arrived at the gym, it looked as if airplanes were parked here.
“Hello class,” The gym teacher out of his office to talk to us. “My name is
Mr.Moran. Here at Wagner we start off gym class by run around the court 3 times and when your done you get a basketball and shoot at the baskets.”
“Agh, these uniforms are too tight to run in.” Bruce said.
“I know, I hate this!” I agreed. “It does not make sense how are we suppose to have fun in school if we have to wear these things are preventing it?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it!” Bruce wine’d.

After E.LA. Bruce and I started talking about the uniforms again.
“Someone told me that this kid didn’t have enough money to buy a uniform so he was expelled!”
“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That is unfair!”
“What is our last class?”
“Its the end of the day and we are being dismissed right now!”

Avery Palmer

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
I think dress codes are bad! having a dress code would be boring. Uniforms
discriminate against people that can’t afford it. In this essay I will explain why dress codes shouldn’t be allowed in schools.
I would feel as if I were in a jail where I was forced to wear what they told me to wear. There would be a lot more mistakes of names especially for the teachers. There would be less games for example games that include colors of your shirt , pants , shoes or other things you wear.You couldn’t do that if you had one outfit you wore every day of school.
Kids would get uncomfortable if it were a long sleeve they could even get hot. If teacher we’re forced to wear the same outfit every single day how do you they’d feel. I think if teachers don’t have to wear it kids should not have to wear it.
Discriminating isn’t right it is not fair to the people that can’t afford to play for a school uniform.

Skyelor Gardner

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
I open my dresser and pull out my boring uniform to start my day. It’s just a plain tan shirt. I think uggghhh and I go to my pants with my plain tan shoes. I think there should be no more student uniforms. I think it will make people’s lives BORING.
I think that uniforms could get confusing. The teachers could have an assembly and one of the teachers need to call on someone. It would be hard to recognize them because everyone looks the same.You could also think someones your best friend from the back side and you go
up to say hi and they turn around and it’s a total stranger.You would be totally confused.

The cost could get high. Some kids could come from a poor family and there would be a lot of cleaning. You would have to at least wash one thing every day. That’s so much laundry and then you have to buy the detergent,dryer sheets, and all the other stuff. What’s more, if your
shirt has a hole and you can’t go and buy another one you have to buy a certain thread, and you have to know how to sew.
If you wore a uniform you wouldn’t get to express yourself. It discourages creativity. If you love to skateboard then you usually wear skateboarding shirts of if you like to travel you would wear shirts from where you traveled. Nobody would know what you like. They would think you like plain, tan ugly, uniforms. they would think you live a boring life.
School uniforms are also for teachers to control kids. It’s controlling because the teachers are basically telling you what to like. They’re telling you to like boring uniforms.What if you’re in a comfy kinda mood day? uniforms can be uncomfortable If it’s really hot you’re going to want to
wear shorts or if you’re cold you cant wear some warm clothes. Just a uniform. No neon shoes or sweaters no shirts that you like.The teachers are controlling what your wearing.
So those are all of the reasons I think uniforms are not a good idea. No creativity high price they’re confusing, and teachers can control how your family spends their money basically because they’re telling you to buy a uniform.I think NO on uniforms.

Sierra Ulmer

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
Ms. Patterson
I think uniforms are bad because they lead to a lack of creativity.
You can’t choose the way you want to dress, and they cost a lot of money. This essay will explain why I beleve school uniforms are bad.
Uniforms lead to a lack of creativity because you might have to wear two or three of the same colors every day. You wear the same colors every day, all day. You don’t get to choose the colors that you wear to school, the school does. I like to choose what I wear to school because I have a different personality than the school.
You can’t choose the way you wish to dress, you have to dress the way the school wants you to dress. That’s why you can’t dress the way you want to dress if the school has uniforms.
Many schools have uniforms,and the only way you can get out of wearing a uniform is if you send in a note.
Uniforms cost a lot of money. That’s why people don’t like uniforms or like to buy them for that matter. Students that can’t buy them might stand out or get kicked out of the school. Some kids might have to wear hand­ me ­downs.
Uniforms are a way to control kids. They think that uniforms will make kids smarter. they think that it will help bring up grades but it doesn’t help. because people have friends that they will talk to so it doesn’t always help.
In conclusion, uniforms are bad because they lead to lack of creativity. They cost too much money, and they are another way to control kids.That’s why I think uniforms are bad.
Schools should get rid of uniforms and let kids dress the way they want.
downs. Uniforms are a way to control kids. They think that uniforms will make kids smarter. they think that it will help bring up grades but it doesn’t help. because people have friends that they will talk to so it doesn’t always help.
In conclusion, uniforms are bad because they lead to lack of creativity. They cost too much money, and they are another way to control kids.That’s why I think uniforms are bad.
Schools should get rid of uniforms and let kids dress the way they want.

Brody Michael Jamison

Grade 5
Samuel L. Wagner Middle School, Winterport

Should Kids be Forced to Wear School Uniforms?
I believe that scholars should not be forced to wear uniforms that they
might not like. For example, if your school has gangs, the groups might get worse and start getting more and more violent. So the gangs might start getting worse.

How so, you ask? Because gangs might not like the idea of uniforms at all so most likely they won’t wear them at all. Additionally, everyone looks the same, so everybody would think it’s a lack of creativity. Or, if it’s a of strict school, you might get in a lot of trouble if you left your uniform at home, on your bed.
In addition, kids can’t express themselves, so teenagers might get mad and
try to get their parents to believe them that they don’t like the uniforms.
And in addition to, pupils might get in a lot of lunch time detention if they left
it at home.
And if you wanted to know, Long Beach was the first school to have
clothing with a strict dress code policy. I do not agree with this policy because kids or teenagers can’t express themselves the way the want to. Of course, schoolboys and schoolgirls have to wear appropriate clothing. And I do agree with that.
So to conclude my paragraph, I believe that scholars should not be forced to wear clothing that they might not like, because pupils might get mad and start riots or start beating up younger students that are smaller than them. So people that read the Bangor daily, I hope you have read this paragraph, of course, if I win, at 11 years old, and I hope you agree with me to stop the secretary of putting kids in clothes that they do not like.

Kendra Ryder

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport

Ms. Patterson
Should There be Student Uniforms in Public Schools?
I believe students should not have uniforms. It would be very resting
for students.
Some reasons are school uniforms will get very monotonous.
Uniforms don’t let kids be creative. It is still good to have a dress code.
Some kids might where some unpleasant close and show more skin then
need did. But school uniforms are not the answer. Everyone has the right
to have individuality. It whould be miserable uniforms.
You wake up go to your closet you have allrety picked out you want
to wher your purple shirt with your pink sweat pants you get to your
closet and realise you have a school uniform…that is how there is a lack of
creativity in this situation.

Catrina El­-Hajj

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
Ms. Patterson

I don’t think that students should have to wear school uniforms. A
student might get picked on because their uniform might look silly on them,
or because the school ordered the wrong size and the uniform doesn’t fit.
This essay will explain the reasons I believe why students shouldn’t wear
school uniforms.
Most kids don’t like uniforms because they have to wear what
they are given, and it makes them not able to show their style or their
personality. Imagine going to a school since kindergarten only seeing
people wear the same thing day after day; it would prevent your abilty to
get to know their true personality. All of your friends wouldn’t be able to
show their true selves. For example, my school just had Western Day and
if we had to wear school uniforms we wouldn’t have these fun Spirit Days.
Sometimes I might feel lazy and I would wear sweat pants but with
uniforms I can’t do that.
While uniforms are discouraging spirit and style, the cost is also
very high for the school uniforms. Some kids might not be able to pay for it
so they will stand out. Imagine going to your closet every day, getting out
the same old uniform and having to wear it to school. Wearing the same
outfit day after day can get boring. Kids will blend in with others so it’s
really hard to tell twins apart. If a kid grows out of his or her uniforms, he or
she will have to pay for a new one.
To summarize, uniforms discourage creativity, some uniforms
might not fit, they get boring, they require lots of cleaning, people may
blend in with others, and costs might be high. This is why students
shouldn’t wear school uniforms.

Miranda LaHaye

Grade 5
Wagner Middle School, Winterport
School Dress Code?
I dislike Dress codes .
I believe schools should not have a dress code. I would not want to dress
by what someone else wants. I believe everyone should have freedom you did not
know.Want to know what I think they are horrible .No one can express themselves
anymore. Some schools even make your hair be a certain way.Now that is crazy! In
my opinion you should never be forced to wear something. I love my clothing
It is not fair in my opinion because I like to express with clothes, and I think
everyone else does too. Some Schools even have uniforms already. Uniforms can
be expensive and some might not be able to pay for them.Regular school clothing
are at much better prices. Some children do not have a choice about what they
wear and regular school clothing are at a good prices. Some children do not have
a choice and once again they do not have true freedom
I would be dying inside if we had uniforms i want people to go oooooo and
awwwwww when someone looks at me. I love my clothes do you?