Stephen Nelson

Stephen Nelson

Grade 8

Orono Middle School

Mr. Gallant

Bullying and cyber bullying have become huge issues throughout the country. We constantly hear about that boy who got beat up in the schoolyard because of his religion, the girl who receives degrading emails because she is overweight. Across the country, schools have been attempting to put a stop to these acts that are breaking the hearts of children everywhere. However, sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. This has been proved through Orono Middle School, where some little rules have made a big difference, where students get close to the teachers, can have questions answered by the school officer, principal, and the guidance counselor, as well as having access to all student laptops and emails. Bullying can be stopped through all of the small changes made in a school.

For one, getting our students all get close to one or two specific teachers, who they know they can go to if they have seen bullying or have been bullied. The teachers, in return, give back help and advice, keeping the students safe. They also wouldn’t hesitate to get any extra help from anyone else, whether the principal, school officer, or guidance counselor. These people also can answer questions that are privately written and dropped into a box that is locked and collected by the school officer at the end of the week, who will then either answer the questions or pass some on to the principal and guidance counselor. We also have school laptops that can be checked and emails with passwords known to teachers. The staff at Orono Middle School can make sure everyone stays safe in the online world by keeping students from offending sites, preventing any harmful emails, and making sure students can’t access online chats where they could give out private information about themselves or their friends.

Teachers help keep our students safe, and students know what to do when they see or experience trouble. As a school, we help prevent bullying and cyber bullying to keep everybody safe from inner­school incidents and anything happening in the virtual world of the internet. Orono Middle School has made these small changes to make our school safe from bullying.