Mayah Dana

Mayah Dana

6th grade

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

I don’t have a definite answer about if schools should make kids wear school uniforms. If I had to pick one it would have to be yes, I do think that kids should have to wear school uniforms. I see very good points on the “yes” side that includes school uniforms help many things such as bullying, worrying, and money saving. This would be coming from myself because I have experienced it; bullying. I have been bullied for the clothes I wear. People have made fun of me for stupid reasons like how my shirt may be “last season.” I think that having kids wear school uniforms to school would help with bullying because no one would be able to make fun of someone else since they are wearing the same thing – that would probably backfire on the bully.

Furthermore, and I’m sure many teens and preteens deal with this; worrying. Many teens and preteens, possibly younger, worry about what they wear every morning. As a matter of fact, I have a friend who came to school late and their excuse was that they couldn’t find a “cute” enough outfit. I honestly think school uniforms would help this problem a lot.

Finally, and I think many parents will agree on this one; it would save plenty of money. Every year, many kids go out “school shopping” with their parents. Well, if school uniforms were mandatory, then you would only have to buy about five outfits that don’t cost as much as buying a whole new wardrobe every year.

However, there are a few rather good points on the “no” side. A few of these include lack of self-expression, depression, and lower self-esteem. I think it would lower self-expression because you wouldn’t be able to express yourself between your clothes. For example, if you were bright and jovial, you wouldn’t be able express your feelings through your clothes. Instead, you would have to wear school uniforms that might not be like you at all. I can certainly see myself with this problem!

I strongly agree with the fact of school uniforms being required, and I know uniforms might not be like this, but I’ve always pictured school uniforms as girly skirts, knee high socks, and fancy shoes. If I could change the school uniforms to something more modern, such as a pair of regular jeans and a t-shirt that are the school’s colors, I would definitely be all in for the idea of uniforms. So, I honestly really like the idea about school uniforms.