Joshua Apalsch

Joshua Apalsch

6th grade

Acadia Christian

Mrs. Dugans

Uniforms have been here since the sixteenth century of England. Surprisingly, uniforms are still here today and can be found mostly in private schools. I believe we should have uniforms in every school.

First, uniforms will increase test scores because students will no longer be looking at the fashions they are wearing, but will be more focused on their school work. For example people who wear pajamas will be more drowsy than people with uniforms.

Second, uniforms will decrease the number of bullying incidences. Students will not be able to make fun of one another, because they are wearing the exact same clothing. For instance rich students would be able to make fun of other students because they are wearing less expensive clothing. However if they both have the same thing on, the other student will not feel inferior to the rich student.

Finally, uniforms will encourage modesty positive appearances.For instance, instead of having very short skirts they will have knee high skirts.

I strongly believe we should have uniforms in in every school, and enforce modesty and positive appearances.