Jayden Love

Jayden Love

Grade 6

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

Should schools require uniforms or dress codes?

I think that kids shouldn’t wear uniforms. It takes away from expressing myself. I believe that it makes kids feel uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to wear uniforms, because It might be It might restrain kids from expressing who they are. Some Uniform are payed by the school, some from certain types of school parent have to pay for uniforms. I think kids are very sagacious, that they won’t have appropriate shits, skirt, pants or jacket. When kids are playing basketball or any types of sports. It home meets, home games they might get judged by the other schools and might tease and kids might be very hurt. It might lead to depression. If the family is poor If they have wear uniforms and pay for them they might run out of money. If they went to a public school they might use hand-me-downs,

I am fine with dress codes. My school has dress codes like no spaghetti strap tang tops. We can have arm length skirts and shorts and dresses. I think that kids and teens should have dress codes but shouldn’t wear uniforms because of depression and kids should have freedom of expressing their originality.