Brady Kelley

Brady Kelley

Grade 6

Acadia Christian

Mrs. Dugans

Dress codes may feel like a bother, but they are actually very important. There are many reasons to enforce school dress codes. If school is really to be all about learning then dress codes are a must.

Some of today’s fashion trends are not appropriate for school. For example, graphic T-shirts are must-haves for most students, and some contain negative messages on them. Negative messages that deal with dogs, alcohol, violence, and inappropriate content can have a negative affect on students by leading their minds down a path that does not have anything to do with learning. Students already have enough distractions in their lives, and these shirts just add on to the list.

Secondly, clothing can express a negative attitude or general feeling about school. Wrongly sized clothing can be immodest if too tight, which draws attention. Clothes can look just plain sloppy if too loose sending an “I don’t care” attitude. If you wore pajamas to school, your appearance would say, “I would rather be in bed than in school.” On the other hand, when you come to school dressed neatly and following a dress code, it shows an eagerness to learn new things and to try your best.

Finally, dress codes build good character by enforcing discipline and standards in appearance. Life is lull of boundaries, and dress codes will give students a head start in following these in life. Dress codes also teach respect for others, for authority, and for yourself by saying, I am worth taking time and care to make a neat presentation of myself to the people that see me.” Learning to follow dress code rules will help students to follow bigger rules in life.

I feel it is important for students to come to school ready to learn and looking hike they are ready to learn. If we agree that education is important than why not dress for the occasion, and a school dress code will guide students in this process. Discipline is part of learning because it is going to take hard work and dedication to get where you want to be in life.