6th grade

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

In my opinion, kids should be able to wear their own clothes, not follow a dress code or wear a uniform. The reason I say this is because I’m just plain against it. Not being able to wear the clothes in my drawer would make me fell like my family spent money on them for nothing, and I don’t like feeling like that. If it’s a dress code then chances are most of my wardrobe will not follow the standards. And right now my family does not have the money to go out and get new clothes for me. Again.

If it’s a uniform then I don’t favor those either. I used to move around a lot so as you can imagine, I went to many different schools. And one had a school uniform. And guess what? I hated it. We had to wear skirts with knee socks and black party shoes. I felt like a doll. Plus the fact that you have to wear the same outfit every day seems troublesome. I would have to wash it everyday and what happens if I forgot to wash it a couple times? I would be wearing a dirty/sweaty uniform. Even if people couldn’t tell, just knowing that I’m wearing a gross uniform would make me fell weIl, gross. And it would be even worse if people could tell, Because I would probably be teased.

Needless to say, l don’t support uniforms OR dress codes. Of course I understand appropriate clothing, I mean walking around in shorty shorts and a belly shirt is definitely not OK, but I think most of us would know when we cross the line of ‘Not appropriate for school. Or anywhere.” Or at least I do. So in a nut shell, I really don’t think we need either a dress code or uniforms.