Alanna Chavaree

Alanna Chavaree

Grade 6

Indian Island School

Mr. Francis

Should kids where school uniforms?

I don’t think kids should wear school uniforms because they should have the freedom to wear what they want to wear. If you fall in a puddle and need an extra pair of clothes, but you only have one uniform and can’t wear school clothes what would you do then. Maybe you play a sport and want to practice outside it could be hard to play with a skirt if your a girl, it would be easier to practice in school clothes. When you have or if you p.e and have to change up into p.e clothes, it would be hard to find which uniform is yours because it would look the same. They shouldn’t be forced by the principal to wear what the principal wants them to. Some uniforms can cost money, and I think some parents would not like to buy uniforms. Kids express themselves by wearing the clothes that they picked out for themselves to wear. Kids might not like wearing uniforms, they might not like the way it looks, and it might be uncomfortable to wear. In my point of view, it would be easier for kids to just throw their clothes in their laundry and pick out new clothes for the morning, but when you have a uniform you have to wash it every night.