Olivia Madore

Olivia Madore

Grade 3

Madawaska Elementary


Mrs. Bea Ouellette

My favorite subject is Math because my favorite teacher, Mrs. Bea, is teaching me and I love it. I love to be with my friends and my teacher.

Sometimes in Math we play games and earn treats. I like to work with partners and use all the tools like calculators, cubes, books, little squares and multiplication games. We also do bi-weekly times tables tests. At times we have coloring activities which I love to do. When I come in to Math class, which is right after lunch, I have a good feeling that it will be a great afternoon. It makes me happy that we have the Math available in our school and a teacher to teach it.

Math is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite thing to do…

Awesome things to learn

The class is learning.

Her class is Awesome

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